Calibrated V-Lok Inflation System (Non-Latex)

Product Summary:

  • The Aneroid Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System consists of a non-latex bulb, Air-Flo® control valve, Latex or Non-Latex bag and Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff.
  • The Calibrated® V-Lok® system clearly indicates whether the correct size cuff is being used.
  • The center of the bladder is marked for correct application on either the right or left limb.
  • Hook and loop fasteners are used to provide the optimal number of open-close cycles.
  • Cuffs conform to the shape of the limb and have no hard, stiff edges.
  • Cuffs are made of tightly woven, heat set DacronTMpolyester fabric for long wear.
  • Non-latex cuffs are for those who are sensitive to rubber latex.